We are a small farm dedicated to growing great food - both produce and livestock - while teaching others and serving our community.

Combining the best of old world techniques in food preservation with a modern interest in gourmet food production.


Wed 21 Sep 2016 10:01:50 AM PDT

Fall Class registration is closed! We have many signed up and are proud to offer a weekend of pork celebration!

Fall Pig Butchery Classes (Oct 8/9)

We are kicking off our fall class season with a weekend of traditional pork butchery and preservation.

Come enjoy beautiful Randle, WA. We are nestled in the center of Mt. Adams, Mt. Ranier, and Mt. St. Helens. Beautiful hiking, fishing, and outdoor recreation abounds.

Included in each day of class:
  1. Camping space overnight on property.
  2. Three daily meals cooked by local Chef Donny of Creative Catering using local, farm fresh ingredients.
  3. On farm, hands on instruction.

Meals for the weekend will be prepared by Chef Donny Wilhold, who spent over ten years working in the independent restaurant scene in Nashville, after studying hotel and restaurant management at Western Illinois University. He recently relocated to the Northwest, where he is in the process of starting a small catering company. Chef Donny is focused on family-style dining that incorporates locally raised ingredients.

Early arrival

Friday, October 7th.
Show up after 5pm to claim your campsite and prepare for a weekend celebration of swine! You're on your own for food on Friday, but come and get your pick of campsite and find your seat around the campfire.

Pork Butchery

Saturday, October 8th.
DIY butchery is not just for farmers! Do you live in a city and long for better pork? Gain the confidence to buy a side of pork and do your own butchery. Or just come and satisfy your curiosity. This day will teach you the entire pork butchery process from taking the shot to putting labelled cuts in the freezer.

This class includes:

Charcuterie - Traditional Pork Preservation

Sunday, October 9th.
We'll take the pork that we worked with the previous day and take the next steps in preserving it. This day will teach you what it takes to preserve your own pork products using old world techniques. Go home with written instructions and recipes used during class and use them as a starting point for your own creations.

This class includes:
  1. History of pork preservation
  2. Pate (and other offal products)
  3. Saucission (Cured sausage)
  4. Sausage
  5. Bacon
All prices include 3 delicious meals per day provided by local Chef Donny Wilhold featuring local, farm fresh ingredients.

Camping on property is included, but hotels are available nearby at additional cost.

Once you have signed up we will e-mail you with a liability waiver. Spots aren't reserved officially until we receive a signed waiver from you.

Current Endeavors

American Guinea Hogs

We proudly keep small breed heritage pigs that are renowned for their gentle nature and delicious taste. Besides filling our freezer, they help clear our land of nuisance brush.


We keep our freezer full and property colorful by supporting local fly fishermen with birds kept for their fly tying utility.

Four Season Garden

Four seasons of eating fresh, beautiful vegetables and incorporating them into our recipes and on farm education.

Traditional Food Preservation

We preserve seasonal bounty and abundance with traditional techniques including canning, smoking, curing, and fermentation.

Get In Touch

If you want to get in touch with us about coming for a visit or setting up a class around a farm education topic, reach out.